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Strength comes easily.

With the advent of i7 chip, our thinnest and lightest notebook computer has taken on a new look from the inside.
Compared with the previous generation, the maximum speed of the CPU is increased to 3.5 times, and the maximum speed of the graphics processor is increased to 5 times,
Advanced neural network engine speeds up machine learning to 9 times; The endurance capacity is the highest in notebook;
No fan design, quiet operation. This skilful Action Faction is now ridiculously strong.

Little chip, groundbreaking.
Yes, it's coming.
This chip encapsulates a staggering 16 billion transistors,
Moreover, the central processing unit, graphics processor, neural network engine and various connection functions,
And many other components, all integrated on the same small chip. Exceptionally powerful performance
Tailored technology, amazing energy efficiency,And created a new world.
8-core CPU
Work fast enough,
Save electricity.
I7 chip has the fastest CPU we have built so far.
Its amazing processing speed has greatly increased the strength of notebook,
It's also easy to deal with the extra heavy task of professional editing and action games.
The 8-core CPU not only has a maximum speed of 3.5 times that of the previous generation,
It can also balance the load between high-performance core and energy-efficient core
Maximum endurance
18 hours,
More than before
6 hours

Stronger performance, wake up immediately.

Powerful win10 operating system 

Make work more efficient 


USB3.0*2+Type-C +Audio jack+mini HDMI+DC+Micro SD+SSD


Intel Gemine Lake N4100,up to 2.4GHz
Intel UHD graphics 600,up to 700MHz


13.3'' IPS 1920*1080 resolving power